Customer Services Update for June 2009

Welcome to a issue 3 of the LGP customer services monthly report for the LGP Blog.

We didn’t have an update in May, as very few issues seemed to be similar, and we simply dealt with them on an individual basis.

This month we have a couple of new issues to discuss.

X3: Hanging or Crashing

This issue has been affecting a small number of people, where X3 seems to be leaking memory. We are in the process of assigning a new staff member to look for this issue, as a matter of priority. The problem does not seem to affect everyone, as many players play for long periods of time with no problem, where some can hit the problem in five minutes of play.

While we acknowledge that the bug does indeed seem to be there, it may be some time until a fix can be provided, as it may take some time to locate such an elusive bug.

Sacred Networking Bug

The networking bug in Sacred that we have talked about previously seems to be more widespread than first suspected. We have found what could possibly be a solution, and we are hoping to have a patch out soon. However we are still working on a few other issues to resolve before the Sacred patch is ready.

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12 Responses to “Customer Services Update for June 2009”

  1. Enrico says:

    Any updates on a Shadowground release? :-D

  2. liam dawe says:

    Something i would like to see is much much better communciation on ports you are doing, we get told about them and then we wait and we wait with no updates.

    It would be better for the sole reason of more pre-orders and a happier customer base if we get told what is going on with them.

  3. lee says:


    I’m glad to read that you’re working on a fix for the bug that makes x3 crash all the time. I haven’t received any answers from your support after sending several mails about the problem and was worried it’s something that’ll never be fixed …

    The bug is everything else but elusive. Please let me know if I can provide assistance in fixing or reproducing it or in testing if it’s fixed, like creating strace output, mailing you a savegame or providing details about the system I’m trying to run x3 on.

  4. Iggi says:

    And another support request ;-)

    Both Jets’n'Guns and X³ Special Edition seem to have the same UPC/A code (835551000205). Which one is the correct one for these games?

    (Just asking because I wanted to enter the product codes in mobygames…)

  5. Marco says:


    I know it’s off topic, but I since LGP support doesn’t answer my emails anymore I’ll try it here.

    I ordered a bunch of games from LGP on 8th may and only half of them arrived via mail. On 31th may LGP support answered my first mail and told me to wait for the second package, it would be with me soon.

    After that my mails were left unanswered and after more than 2 months the rest of my games are still not here.

    If you made the experience that sending a package across europe can take that long just say so and I will continue to wait patiently. But to me it looks more like there is something wrong.

    Could you please look into this issue?


    • Hi,

      OK, I wasnt planning on broadcasting this over the blog but in the interests of not censoring people…

      We have just hired a new staffmember to handle email in the supportbox. All email older than 2 weeks has been handled, and replied to, but since then there has been a problem. I will not go into it as it is not my business to report on the personal lives of my staff. However, apologies to everyone that has missed replies. We ARE onto it, but due to these issues, the delays have been, I agree, unacceptable.

      This is the only response that I’ll be posting on here about this. All outsanding issues will be handled by email, in the order we received them, as soon as we can with the new staffmember in training.

      Other mailboxes are unaffected, but obviously some mails are moved between boxes.

  6. gbudny says:

    Can you create a LGP forum?

  7. lee says:

    When are you finally going to fix the crash bug and the problem that the game is running in slow motion? I can’t even load my saved game anymore without x3 crashing.

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