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The sale, and the results

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Now that some time has gone by, and the numbers have been looked at, we have reached a conclusion about the sale.

The thing is, a one day sale can never give us useful information. The one day sale was a HUGE success. We turned over more stock in one day than we usually do in 6 months. The problem is, we made less than we would usually make in a month.

But that sale was never part of the calculations. The real test came after.

We looked at the sales figures from resellers. These sales figures spanned a number of weeks, and gave us a much better idea of how sales long term would go, when prices were lower.

The first week of sales was, as expected, higher than usual. Week two, sales dropped back to the same sales levels as we were getting before the sale was announced. Week three, sales levels stayed flat, at around the level of before the sale was announced.

This was the important test. What happens over an extended period of time, and the result was, the same number of sales, less profit per sale.

And so, I think we can say that we gave it a shot, we gave a fair ear to the people that demanded lower prices, and the result was, it is not economical for us to do so. Sales spike, obviously, but then go back to normal. A person coming to the site seems no more or less likely to make a purchase based on the lower prices.

On the plus side for those that wanted lower prices, we now have the rental scheme in place and at least one reseller implementing it, and so, some games are now available at the lowest prices ever!

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