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Shadowgrounds: A surprise release

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Well, a lot of you have been waiting for Shadowgrounds Survivor. For all of you waiting, we have a nice surprise for you.

Late in the porting of Shadowgrounds Survivor, it became fairly clear that it would be little work to also bring the original Shadowgrounds game to Linux. We discussed it with Igios, who were doing all the hard work, and we decided that we would also release Shashadowgroundsdowgrounds.

But, being the sneaky Linux Game Publishing company that we are, we decided to keep it secret. I guess, I just wanted to give everyone a nice surprise, and get a new game out that none of you were expecting. As it has the same game core as Survivor, it didn’t need the extensive beta test, making it one of the few times we would be able to release a game without a beta to let you all know it was on the way.

Later this week we will be releasing Shadowgrounds Survivor, and so we felt that the best thing to do for Shadowgrounds is to make it a budget title on release. We have decided to set the retail price at just ¬£10, partly because it was easier to port and so the price being lower is fair. Also, and I’ll be honest here, I want lots of people to buy it, get hooked on the gameplay, and just feel that urge to buy the higher priced Survivor. I’m not going to claim to be completely altruistic, we ARE a business afterall {:-)

Now, one thing that will disappoint some players is that neither Shadowgrounds, nor Survivor, come with the co-op multiplayer option that Windows has. This is because of a conflict in the game design, and the design of SDL. It is actually technically impossible to provide the multiplayer (which on Windows requires two keyboards and two mice) with the architecture as it stands, and by the time we realised this, it would have required a complete rewrite of the whole game core to get this working.

However, good news, is that the next version of SDL will contain all we need to get co-op into the game, and Igios has committed to releasing a patch to provide this functionality as soon as SDL can do it.

Shadowgrounds has taken a lot of dedication from the guys at Igios, so I’m counting on the community to do their bit, and buy the game, give them some thanks for the long hours of work they have put in to bring this game to you. You can buy it boxed, or it will be available to download, either for purchase or rental.

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Shadowgrounds Survivor is coming to Linux

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

For several months, LGP has been working behind the scenes with Finnish developer Igios to bring you Shadowgrounds Survivor, sequel to the award-winning Shadowgrounds.

Shadowgrounds is a third person sci-fi RPG shooter set in the late 21st century. An alien race has devastated the colony on Ganymede, leaving few survivors. The story picks up a few hours after the attack, with you playing a lone survivor struggling to survive.

The game is the first commercial game on Linux to take advantage of Nvidia’s PhysX engine, giving the ability to do the high intensity number crunching needed for physics calculations on the graphics card, leading to a highly realistic and deformable environment.

The game has been in internal testing at LGP for several months and is now considered  ready for beta. We will be making the announcement on our main website on how to apply for the Beta within the next few hours.

Shadowgrounds Survivor was originally developed for Windows by FrozenByte, a Helsinki based development company.

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