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Friday, October 2nd, 2009

After some internal discussion, we have decided to try something new, namely microblogging. Initially we are just testing it to see how much it will be used, but we will make it permanent if it proves successful. It is meant as a simple means to send quick messages to LGP and get quick information about releases, announcements and patches.

We will also be running some competitions where you will get a chance to win a download of an LGP game, as well as some small ones now and then where we will hand out free game rentals.

As the free and open source software loving company we are, we use which runs on the AGPLd microblogging platform. But for those that prefer twitter, our account is mirrored there as well.

So follow us, @LGP on or @L_G_P on twitter. See you there.

If you have any input, suggestions or questions for me, feel free to ask them here in the comments, on IRC (Zero_Dogg in #lgp on, via or via e-mail (to eskild at the domain linuxgamepublishing dot com).

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