Cold War 1.0.2 patch released.

Cold War has been updated to 1.0.2. This primarily fixes game launching problems some have experienced.

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10 Responses to “Cold War 1.0.2 patch released.”

  1. gbudny says:


    Do you plan to sell games on Steam for Linux?

  2. gbudny says:

    You ported Soul Ride to Linux Sparc/Alpha and Candy Cruncher to Linux Sparc. Alpha and Sparc are 64-bit processors.

    What are the differences between porting games to Linux Alpha(64- bit)/Sparc(64-bit) and porting games to Linux x86-64?

    • gbudny says:

      I ask, because i’m not a programer.
      Can you just use source code from Linux versions of Soul Ride Alpha(64- bit)/Sparc(64-bit) and Candy Cruncher Sparc (64-bit), if you want create these ports of games to Linux x86-64?

  3. Pete says:

    Is there any plans for a X3:reunion patch for AMD/ATI owners!

  4. gilboa says:

    Good to see that you’re alive and kicking.

    - Gilboa

  5. gbudny says:

    Do you plan to create a new installer for linux version of Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom?

    I ask, because language selection is broken.

    • Vadim Peretokin says:

      Love this game and bought it from LGP.

      Glad to see you guys alive – please port more stuff! I think with Steam coming, you’re more relevant than ever.

  6. sobek says:

    cool, no more LD_LIBRARY_PATH and symlink hacking
    works for me just fine on ubuntu 10.04 32bit

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