New support system

In order to improve our handling of support we have switched to using Tender as our support system. The old system, while it worked fine in most cases, did have some issues, and did result in some people waiting too long before they got any reply. The switch should result in faster responses and an overall better experience for anyone contacting LGP support.

While we have migrated the old support requests over to the new system, the old one had a few bugs which may have resulted in some of them being lost. If you have contacted LGP support and have been waiting a long time without any reply, feel free to re-send your support request to ensure we have it.

You can still contact LGP support using the usual e-mail address (support@…) and it will automagically be entered into our tender instance.

If you have any input, suggestions or questions for me, feel free to ask them here in the comments, on IRC (Zero_Dogg in #lgp on, via or via e-mail (to eskild at the domain linuxgamepublishing dot com).

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One Response to “New support system”

  1. Dawleylad says:

    Well done, hope it works out better.


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