Customer Services Update for August 2010

Welcome to a issue 3 of the LGP customer services report for the LGP Blog.

X2 & X3: Problems starting on Ubuntu 10.04

Several users have contacted us concerning problems staring X²: The Threat and X³: Reunion.The problem is due to Ubuntu changing their system for managing paths and the games not handling it like they are suppose to. A patch will be released soon which addresses this problem, meanwhile you can use the following workarounds to play the games. Instead of just using the “x2″ or “x3″ commands, use one of these to launch the game instead:

X²: The Threat:

x2 --withgl $(\tail -n 1 /etc/

X³: Reunion:

x3 --withgl $(\tail -n 1 /etc/

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4 Responses to “Customer Services Update for August 2010”

  1. Liam Dawe says:

    A user on ubuntu forums has this problem with shadowgrounds:

    Any idea?

    Thanks for the update, nice to know patches are coming, tempted to buy :)

  2. Reto says:

    Since I asked you yesterday about this problem and got a solution today (not even 24h!) I have to say: Thank you LGP. I really appreciate that.

  3. Eddward says:

    Thanks for posting. I must not have pulled the affected update yet. I’ve been running x2 nightly without ‘–withgl’.

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