The case of the missing Majesty

A few people are asking where is Majesty, howcome everywhere is running out of stock?

Well, Majesty is actually out of stock. We ran out during the May sales, and it is still not reprinted yet.

We have been holding off on the reprint, as we are working heavily on updating it. The first version of Majesty is a little dated now, it uses some old libraries (we were using SDL 1.2.5, which is just a little out of date!), and it uses some systems we have since stopped using (such as the old static/dynamic release system to satisfy the LGPL).

We are also removing the old OpenPlay library used for multiplayer games up to now, and replacing it with Grapple, and integrating it with the PenguinPlay server for lobby and scoring systems (as you can see below).


This does mean network compatibility between versions will be lost, but it means that you now get all the advantages of PenguinPlay, and Grapple, which is a more advanced networking system than OpenPlay. Saved game compatibility will not be lost, luckily!

Unfortunately this all takes time, and we were not expecting to sell out so soon. We sold more Majesty than we were expecting to in the sale, and so we were out in our time estimates by a few months, as to how long the remaining stock would last. The updates were about half way through when the stock finally ran out, and not in any position where we could simply release a new version.

Luckily the changes are almost finished…maj_manual

So, in a few more weeks, you can expect that new Majesty will be coming your way! If you don’t have it already, you probably should get it. If you already have it, well, the new version also has a colour manual instead of the old black and white one, uses the new setup tool, and the disc looks better.

I know some people may ask, why didn’t we make the colour manual and better layouts before? Well back when Majesty was first printed back in 2003, the cost of colour manuals was so high that it was just not possible. Now, colour manuals are much more affordable. As for the rest, well, LGP was just learning its trade back then, and now, we know what we are doing and can do a better job!

So, new player or old, whether you buy the new version, or just patch your existing disc, I hope you enjoy the new version of Majesty. All in all, it is a new lease of life for one of our most popular games!

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20 Responses to “The case of the missing Majesty”

  1. ZikZak says:

    I own a copy and I must say that your printed discs are a very good ‘plus’ !
    I’m always amazed when I receive one of your ported game.

    Majesty is quite enjoyable for such an old game, and also quite hard.

  2. Leszek says:

    Are there any chances for add more languages version like german, polish etc. This could affect by increasing sales.

  3. Max says:

    Can’t you release some sort of “update” that restores compatibility between versions?

  4. Maxim says:

    Oddly I still didn’t buy this game … maybe I should try the demo one more time.

    BTW I think you can order this game from Tuxgames and download the game NOW :
    I assume it wouldn’t be the new download version but the box version when shipped will be the new port.
    Am I correct Michael ?
    And if so can you re-download the new version when it’s done ?

    I know you are wearing the LGP hat now, but there is no better place to ask about it then here.

  5. MaximB says:

    I’ve tried the demo again.

    One very notable thing is that the gam,e is VERY outdated, not only in terms of graphics but in terms of resolution and mouse controllers.
    The resolution is very low for a game like this which needs a bigger view – can you do something about that Michael or is it “behind repair” ?

    The mouse moves way too fast and while you can make it slower by holding the middle mouse button, it is clear that the game meant to be played on “slower” systems.

    The “feel” of the game is “old” … it’s hard for me to explain it but I hope you got me.

    I did not say that the game itself is bad … not at all , but it needs to be “updated”.

  6. gbudny says:

    Is their any chance Painkiller Overdose or Dreamkiller will also come to Linux?

  7. rettichschnidi says:

    That’s what I love about LGP: Doing it right, even when it takes a while

  8. Liam Dawe says:

    Well it is good to see that you are still supporting old games which i love and even made a nice post for you on GOL ->

    What would be good is if you did one thing at a time then surely things would get done sooner, you have i think 3-4 different announced ports that are nowhere to be seen and now you tell us your working on an old game, like i said it’s good but 1 thing at a time, or at least update us on your other ports :).

    Keep up the good work though, i will try the new demo when it is announced.

  9. Liam Dawe says:

    Okay just tried it, seems like a pretty fun game, what it seriously needs is the ability to adjust the scroll speed, it’s WAY WAY too fast and makes it semi-unplayable :(.

    But i can see myself buying this if that gets implemented as it works perfectly on 64bit.

    One niggle is that it made it go windowed when someone chatted to me on emesene and i couldn’t get it back to full screen :(

  10. Yes, but then thats cos its a demo {:-) Its not supposed to give you a feeling of satisfaction its supposed to leave you wanting more {:-)

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