Customer Services Update for March 2009


Welcome to a new monthly report for the LGP Blog. Here, I’m going to run though the common problems people have reported over the last month here at the customer services team, and report on how these have been resolved, or how to work around the problems. We are not addressing all the issues, just the top two or three that lots of people have had problems with, those that we think it would be helpful for people to be able to read up on!

X3: Reunion – Problems on a number of ATI cards – Patch Available

This problem manifests itself with the game crashing after the loading screen when starting a new game on a small number of ATI based graphics cards.

Finally after weeks of trying, we have managed to reproduce the error on one of our test servers. Our technical team have finished working on the solution and the patch is now available for everyone to download in our updates section.

X3: Reunion – Problem with the game not starting

This problem is one reported by a number of people who have been trying to run X3 using open source drivers for their graphics cards. Unfortunately, at this point in time, neither the ATI or Nvidia open source graphics drivers are capable of running X3, due to the requirement of Shader Model 3.

You can find out if your current setup can run X3 by downloading our Test Tool and checking that the Shader Level reported by the test tool is at least 3.0, and that Direct Rendering is possible.

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4 Responses to “Customer Services Update for March 2009”

  1. RK says:

    X3: Reunion – Problem with the game not having a demo

  2. Tim says:

    thank you very much for the patch of X3 my ATI box.
    The game now runs on both computers but is sadly still unstable. I can’t really figure out whats wrong. As long as I don’t jump to other systems you can play for hours. As soons as you jump some times. (~3-10 times) strange things happens.
    Either the system freeze, game crash, switch some seconds to the desktop or have heavy graphic glitches (very psycodalic)
    The main problem it is hardly repdroducable because every time something different happens. :-(
    Is it just bad luck by me or do somebody other hit that kind of problem?

    Neverless thank you very much for the patch so far

  3. Victor Tramp says:

    i have a similar problem, but i have nvidia. plays great for hours if i just don’t try to enter Certain Systems(tm). it does it less with stock X3, but with XTM it does it with a lot more systems


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