Sacred Gold is now, well, gold!

sacredIt took a little longer than we had expected, but we can finally announce that Sacred Gold has been sent to the production company, and we expect it to be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

We expected to have had it ready weeks ago, but some last minute issues caused some unexpected delays. The network layer, Grapple, had an error in how it communicated through certain types of firewalls and NAT routers, which meant that only around 30% of players would be able to access the multiplayer features of the game on the PenguinPlay servers.

But that is all past us now, and the game is in production! The game also has a nice new large map insert being produced with the game, just as a small bonus extra! We are also working on the finalising of the demo, which we hope to have available before stock of the game arrives, so you can try it out before buying.

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31 Responses to “Sacred Gold is now, well, gold!”

  1. wasdf says:


  2. rettichschnidi says:

    Finally. Can’t wait for it.

  3. Nice! =D
    But it will on my ubuntu 64bits? Or its only 32 bits?

    • It is a 32 bit executable but will run just fine on 64 as long as you have the 32 bit compatibility libraries installed.

      • Patrick says:

        On a 64-bit system, does it just install the game and give an error saying the game can’t be started or does the game detect you’re running a 64-bit system and (at installation time) warn you to install 32-bit libraries or does the game detect you’re running a 64-bit system and install the needed libraries without any user interaction?

        A few weeks ago the Linux installer for Prey was released. This installer was 32-bit and when executing this file on a 64-bit system without 32-bit libraries, it just says “./prey.bin: no such file or directory”. People who don’t know about 32-bit libraries don’t know what to do. It’d be nice if the ia32-libs package was automatically installed without any user interaction if the installer detects a 64-bit Ubuntu system. This way people don’t complain “Installing games in Linux is so much harder than installing games in Windows.” How does Sacred: Gold handle this?

        Reply to this news post:
        Very good news. I’m looking forward to this game since the game the was announced. I’m certainly buying this game. I think I’m going to buy two units: one for my best friend and one for myself. But I’ll wait till Shadowgrounds: Survivor is released, because I and my friend want that game too. Linux Games aren’t sold in my country, so I have to order them from Germany. If we buy the games when Shadowgrounds: Survivor is released, we don’t have to pay so much shipping costs.

  4. René Kjellerup says:

    wow, I can hardly wait to this awesome game in hand.

  5. Jeff Craig says:

    Congrats, Michael and crew!

    Wife and I are really looking forward to this one, and I’m really glad Iwas able to contribute to the Beta.

  6. Xyem says:

    I’m confused.. the beta seemed to go completely quiet a few weeks ago and I thought it was on hold and now it’s released?

    That’s awesome news :) Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    Another excellent job from LGP :)

  7. palu says:

    My apologies for the slightly off-topic question, but whatever happened with LGP’s Angry Pixels project (of nearly 6 years ago)? Any chance of having it pronounced officially dead and having the partial work released/opened/freed or at least revealing what the game design had been? The website ( ) has been dead for a while, so LGP seems like the obvious second choice for information.

    Also, congratulations on another completed port!

  8. Patrick says:

    Is their any chance Sacred 2 will also come to Linux?

  9. Maxim says:

    Hello !

    Is there any chance that we could buy a “download” version of your games ?
    The main barriers preventing me to buy your games are the higher cost (due to the Box version and the Linux porting) .
    The high shipping cost to my country.
    And the time I need to wait for the shipping to arrive.

    All of those barriers could be solved if a download version was available for your games like most indie developers do.

    So is there any chance for that to happen ? (not only for Sacred, but for all of your games).

  10. Eric says:

    I was waiting for this one, this is a great game! The only drawback I see is the absence of random maps and editing tools. Thanksfully the map is vast and the different characters make the game very replayable. Do you know when it is available? Tuxgames announced it for the 25th of March. Thanks!

  11. Eric says:

    Too bad! Hopefully you’ll find a new one. Thanks a lot for the update.

  12. Fred says:

    Any news when this will be available? Site still says 25 March and that was >2 weeks ago now! Getting very impatient to send you guys some money.

  13. Xyem says:

    I got my copy of Sacred Gold today :)

    A little annoyed that the manual has a inch long rip on the cover page and my desktop machine refuses to read/mount/recognise the CD ( might be a Jaunty beta/drive issue though as my laptop seems to read it fine ).

    A long anticipated campaign with the other half will be underway later :)

  14. Nath says:

    Will the bankruptcy have any influence on this (or on a possible port of the second part)?

  15. Andrea says:

    Any chance i can find the linux installer for non-gold sacred?

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